About TRI
Over the last 30- years of their stock car racing history, the Russell Racing team has won over three dozen championships and titles combined, along with over three hundred wins right out of their very own stable. Accomplished Drivers David Russell and his son Tim Russell have designed this Driver Development Program to continue the education that they feel is necessary in the motor sports industry today. With their expertise and knowledge of what a Driver needs to succeed they’ve built a program that is able to be personalized for any individual; Introducing TRI Driver Development. 

Located just north of Orlando, Florida; TRI Driver Development is comprised of the Russell Racing crew along with Drivers Tim Russell and David Russell. Occupying a top notch racing facility with over 8500 square feet to house state of the art equipment, race cars and a complete crew,  Russell Racing prides itself on its commitment to win as well as its commitment to its’ Team. 

Russell Racing builds and maintains winning race cars and drivers, having access to the latest technology, allowing their team to have the upper hand against the competition at the race track.  Their goal is to operate a highly competitive motor sports team providing equipment of exceptional quality and a professional atmosphere which will foster the growth and development of skills needed to achieve championship goals. 

TRI Driver Development Program is designed for the individual who has a desire to learn the fundamentals of stock car racing and the determination for success. Their goals are to provide each individual that comes thru their program with the best of the best, state of the art equipment, tools, cars, parts, safety measures and crew to propel them with what they need to make it to the highest level of stock car racing. 

Running stock cars thru the Southeastern United States allows TRI Driver Development ample time throughout the year to give their Developmental Drivers the most seat time possible; more than any other geographically located program. Their program is all inclusive for any man or woman who has the need for speed; the desire for accomplishment and the sense to know how important education is of the sport they have a passion for.

In 2012, TRI Driver Development ran Nationwide Driver Kyle Larson in his first ever stock car race during Speedweek and into Victory Lane for his first ever win in a stock car. Devin McLeod ran the remainder of 2012 and captured his first ever stock car race, win, Title and Championship; taking the Pro Late Model Challenge Series Championship and Rookie of the Year Title with 4 out of 6 wins. Devin continued his success with TRI into 2013 taking his first ever seat in a Super Late Model and win during the 47th Annual World Series of Asphalt Racing along with Fifteen-year-old driver, Joey Mucciacciaro who joined the TRI team in their Pro Late Model for the Speedweek events and earned himself his first Stock Car win and gained much more than just seat time and experience with the TRI Crew.

Separating itself from any competition with the distinguished individual attention to Program details, TRI Driver Development takes pride in taking their Drivers to the next step. 

For further information please contact TRI Driver Development at (407) 298-2853 or email chrissy.maxwell@yahoo.com.