Brake Failure Ends Tim Russell’s Night Early
Bad Luck Strikes While Passing for the Lead at Auburndale
Tim Russell’s four-race win streak ended this weekend.  Brake failure during a Late Model race at Auburndale Speedway in Florida on Saturday night was the culprit.  The truly unfortunate part about the brake failure is that it came while Russell was making the pass for the lead.  

“It was a rough night for us at Auburndale,” said Russell.  “We fell out at lap 25.  We had a brake master cylinder break.  We were running second and battling for the lead, actually about to pass the leader when the brakes went to the floor.  We found out the problem this morning when we got back to work at the shop.  But that ended our night early; it’s hard to compete there with no brakes.”

The #36 team insists the problem has been rectified and now they are readying for their next event, the Brighthouse Challenge race Orlando Speedworld (FL) on Friday, May 6th.

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